Both Sides of The Sky: A Posthumous Album From Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Was Jimi

About the Album

March 9th 2018 marks the release date of “Both Sides of The Sky”, a posthumous album from Jimi Hendrix.  It is an earthy portrait of the electric guitar icon coupling alternate versions of familiar selections like “Hear My Train A Comin’”, with rare records like “Georgia Blues”.  The album features guest artists on select tracks including Stephen Stills and Johnny Winter which is exemplary of Jimi’s tendency to share the stage and expand the music beyond the point where he, alone, could take it. Most of the recording sessions for the catalogue took place between the spring of 1968 and the summer of 1970. Sonically, the album is guitar-heavy Rock & Roll atop a backdrop of electric Blues (which is expected from Hendrix during this time) but as a posthumous release, it maintains the same lyrical and emotional depth a listener might come to expect from the albums released during his lifetime.  This is what makes Jimi’s music profound. His virtuosity compliments and serves his songs rather than detracting from them. Often times, virtuosic music lacks the foundational framework a truly well written piece of music will inherently possess. So while the focal point of Jimi’s musicality is his peerless guitar playing, “Both Sides of The Sky” highlights his improvisational/collaborative efforts, placing the songs in a conversational, playful setting with other great musicians.  Jimi jams along and sings directly to the listener (and the musicians with whom he is playing) with no superficial desire to impress or sound hip. Ironically enough, however, this gives the album a very hip sound and guitar playing that is as impressive as ever.


Going for that Sound

Here at The Music Den, we cater to the ubiquitous influence of Jimi Hendrix by carrying products that are derived from the spirit of his music.  We currently stock his signature Fender reverse headstock Stratocaster, his distinctive Fuzzface which gave his sound a unique, visceral energy, and of course his Crybaby wah-wah pedal which famously added a vocal timbre to many of his guitar tracks.  With these musical instruments in hand, Jimi reinvented what it meant to be a guitar player. In the hands of someone other than Jimi Hendrix, these instruments will serve to inspire the discovery of one’s own voice. Combining the Stratocaster, Fuzzface, and Crybaby elicits a powerful Rock & Roll guitar sound that demands attention from the human ear.  When a guitar player works with these tools, a whole new dimension of tone comes to the forefront and Jimi’s spirit echoes through the music being played.

With the release of “Both Sides of The Sky”, Jimi’s music will continue to inspire listeners of all ages.  Whether a person is looking the emulate his specific guitar tones, transcribe his intervallic habits, or have some fun jamming with friends, The Music Den can provide the instruments necessary to those who are inspired by Jimi Hendrix to discover his or her own musical voice.


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