Gear Geeks: Taylor Guitars at The MD

Taylor Guitars at The Music Den; that’s a thing now!

If you haven’t checked out the collection in store you really need to! The Taylor 418e is in our opinion one of the best acoustic guitars we’ve ever played. It’s part of Taylor’s Grand Orchestra Series which is their way of describing the body style- it’s basically a jumbo with slightly smaller shoulders so you’re not wrestling this guitar while playing it.
Both of us were totally blown away by the light weight and it felt as if I was holding the neck of one of my electrics.
This guitar has a huge sound, thanks of course to the larger body. The Sitka Spruce top sings whether you’re finger-picking or strumming with a heavy pick.
The back and sides are where it gets interesting. The wood is called Ovangkol and are a “cousin” of African Rosewood. The wider grain gives it a great look, but the best feature is the serious low end it reaches while still projecting an amazingly Koa-like high end.
The Tropical Mahogany neck and Ebony fingerboard round out the sound to get that perfect staple rich Taylor tone.
The 514ce is kind of the everyday Taylor. Sure it’s a smaller body but again the wood combination is what makes this bad boy sing! It’s got Mahogany back and sides and a Cedar top to give you a crazy warm high end sound. It really sparkles.
At the end of the day, technical stuff aside they both play like butter. It just depends what sound you need. Taylor always stumbles onto the greatest wood combinations and offers such an impressive range in tone options!
Come check them out in store or online HERE

-Mike and Cory

10509694_10100378722768599_8592599923675069202_nMike Spoer sees The Music Den from both sides of the coin- He is the only member of both the Sales Staff and the Teaching Staff. Mike contributes to our Gear Geeks Columns, and authors his own column on Music Theory for the blog (Theory Thursdays). You can almost always bet that Mike will either be ogling the newest weird piece of gear that has walked through the door, or discussing the peculiarities of theory- and on occasion, you might even find him attempting to solve all the world’s most pressing problems—like finding a way to make bacon a part of every meal…



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