TC Electronic Alter Ego Pedal Mixes Old School, New School & Magic


Today I want to feature gear that mixes the old school with the new school, and frankly manages to use some wizardry to get it all to fit into a stompbox:

TC Electronic’s Alter Ego V2 Vintage Echo Delay

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The pedal has 4 knobs- Level, which controls the volume of the repeats compared to the initial attack of the guitar; Time, which controls the amount of time between repeats; Feedback, which controls the number of repeats we hear; and the delay/echo selector.
The sorcerers over at TC Electronics have managed to NINE vintage delays/echos into one pedal. In Clockwise order around the selector knob we find:
  • A Binson EchoRec2
  • ElectroHarmonix’s Deluxe Memory Man Chorus
  • A Tel Ray Organ Tone
  • TC Electronic’s 2290 Modulated
  • TC’s Reverse Modulated
  • A Boss DM2
  • A Watkins Copicat Tape Echo
  • A Maestro Echoplex
  • AND A Roland Space Echo
TC Electronics actually rounded up a mint condition unit for each of these echos/delays so they could sample the vintage-awesomeness that each piece of gear had to offer! Want to sound like David Gilmour or The Edge? It’s all in this compact pedal.
BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE- The pedal also features a 40 second looper and a toneprint slot so that you can download effects created by the likes of John Petrucci, Steve Morse, and Bumblefoot (just to name a few).
The Alter Ego V2 sports a 3 way toggle switch that allows for quarter note and dotted eighth delays, and the third position combines both delay lengths. On top of that the pedal has BOTH mono and stereo inputs/outputs. When running in the third toggle position (dotted eighth + quarter note delays) sending the signal in stereo will send dotted eighth to the left speaker and quarter to the right speaker- which makes for some really trippy delays and echos. Send the signal in mono and it’s a just as trippy!
Oh did I mention that the pedal’s on/off switch also functions as a tap-tempo button so you can set the tempo of your delays? It does… If this thing could make you breakfast, it would be the only piece of gear you’d ever need. When this pedal came through our doors at The MD, I had to hear what it could do. Within seconds I was blown away with the tones I had control over. The possibilities seem endless when you have the sort of tweak-ability that the Alter Ego V2 offers.
Seriously, this pedal is crazy- If you like vintage tone, and you love not having to carry around 9 analog delay/echo units that will take up more space than your drummer’s kit, this is a pedal worth checking out and adding to your pedal board.


10509694_10100378722768599_8592599923675069202_nMike Spoer sees The MD from both sides of the coin- He is the only member of both the Sales Staff and the Teaching Staff. Mike contributes to our Gear Geeks and Artist Feature sections and authors his own column on Music Theory for the Collective (Theory Thursdays). You can almost always bet that Mike will either be ogling the newest weird piece of gear that has walked through the door, or discussing the peculiarities of theory- and on occasion, you might even find him attempting to solve all the world’s most pressing problems—like finding a way to make bacon a part of every meal…

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