The Music Den Teacher Of The Month – Jacob Maurer

The Music Den Teacher Of The Month –   Jacob Maurer

At The Music Den, we are proud of our teachers and their accomplishments. We want you to know a little about them so we are featuring one teacher each month. 

Jacob Maurerhas been teaching at The Music Den for 4 months now and has taken the Randolph, New Jersey community by storm! If you meet Jacob, you are instantly attracted to his energy, positive attitude, and professionalism with both the students and the parents. When his students leave they are excited and exuberant to demonstrate their new found knowledge with their parents.

Jacob graduated from the Musicians Institute in 2009 located in California. This Institute is the largest contemporary music school in the world! Jacob’smain instrument is the Electric Bass. However, hold on to your hat! Jacobhas received numerous awards for outstanding music performance. During his college years, Jacob not only tutored other college students for competitions, theoretical compositions, but he worked with them to prepare for their solo performances. His musical inclinations allow him to pick up almost any instrument and play it! Talk about multi-talented. New to The Music Den team of teachers, Jacob had 11 new students in one week! His open personality and tailored teaching style is fresh and inspiring to his students. Keep an eye out for Jacob’s upcoming offerings of Music Theory and Composition Classes

Congratulations Jacob for being April’s Teacher of the Month!

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