FREE Hand Drumming Demonstration featuring Chuck Wood of Dhamaru, this Saturday, April 13th at 1PM!

FREE Hand Drumming Demonstration featuring Chuck Wood of Dhamaru, this Saturday, April 13th at 1PM! 


The purpose of the demonstration is to help promote Chuck Wood’s, 4-Week African Style Hand Drumming Workshop which starts April 16th, 2013.

The Music Den in Randolph
1030 Route 10 West
Randolph, New Jersey 07869 

Chuck Wood of Dhamaru – African Style Hand Drumming Workshop

Where: The Randolph Performing Arts Center at The Music Den
When: Once per week on Tuesday, for 4 weeks, starting April 16th, 2013.
Children’s classes from 5:45 PM to 6:45 PM.
Adult classes from 6:45 PM to 7:45 PM.

Cost: $100.00
Registration Fee: $25.00

Artist Information:

Chuck Wood studied various percussion instruments with Baba Olatunji, M’Beba Bangoura, Mohammed Camera, Yaya Nelson, Ladji Camera, Mar Gueye and Glen Webber. He records and has toured the U.S. with his friend Arjun Alan Bruggeman in their world percussion band known as Ghandharva. He has also appeared live and recorded with Michael Franti of Spearhead, Ganga Giri, Neal Casal, Bobby McFerrin, David Darling, Shannon McNally, The John Ginty Band, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Tribe after Tribe (featuring the South African musician Robbie Robb, Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam and Doug Pinnick of King’s X), Three Fish, Anthony Krizon (Spin Doctors) and Roamin’Gabriels. Well versed in a variety of instruments West African in nature, including the djembe, doun-doun, and shekeree; some are also rooted in South American culture such as congos and berimbau. He studied with Baba Olatunji, M’Beba Bangoura, Titos Sompa, Mohammed Camera, Yaya Nelson, Ladji Camera, Mar Gueye and Glen Webber. Starting his endeavor as a solo performer, he eventually joined forces with guitarist Colin Allured from North Carolina. Together Chuck and Colin created a successful project known as Dhamaru, performing at yoga studios and retreats throughout the country. They released a full length self titled CD in August of 2010 and are currently working on a follow up disc due for release in 2013. In November 2011 their song “Mantra Dance” was added to the compilation Sava CD which has been produced and released by “The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health” in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

The Powerful Healing Effects of Drumming:

“Drumming emphasizes self-expression, teaches how to rebuild emotional health, and addresses issues of violence and conflict through expression and integration of emotions,” says Music educator Ed Mikenas. “Each person in a drum circle is expressing themselves through his or her drum and listening to the other drums at the same time.” “Everyone is speaking, everyone is heard, and each person’s sound is an essential part of the whole.” “Stanford University School of Medicine conducted a study with 30 depressed people over 80 years of age and found that participants in a weekly music therapy group were less anxious, less distressed and had higher self-esteem (Friedman, Healing Power of the Drum, 1994). Drumming with others can help establish community bonds and allow people to connect together on a level that does not require awkward small talk or allow other insecurities to surface that can inhibit interaction with new people.”

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